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Welcome from Lukas and Egle

Welcome from Lukas and Egle

Hi everyone! As the world of children’s fashion changes so quickly, we decided that KICK THE MOON needs a little boost, too. So, we’re more than happy to welcome you to our new and endlessly inspiring fashion gallery.

As a mother and a curious fashion insider, I have always believed that good taste does not have an age limit. As I know what I love and find beautiful, my son Lukas does, too. We don’t always agree on things (he loves dinosaurs and I’m currently into something a bit more minimal), but it doesn’t mean that one of us is wrong. Here at KICK THE MOON, we celebrate individuality and creativity with a subtle touch of great design.

I hope that you’ll love our new look, carefully picked brands and their beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories. I know I do. And even Lukas seems to agree.

And to top things off, here’s a quick Q&A with both of us:

Now I am feeling...
L: Great!
E: Ready for bed.

My favourite colour is...
L: Blue. Oh, and black, too!
E: Black.

I feel my best when I’m wearing...
L: My favourite trousers.
E: Pajamas, for sure.

My favorite thing right now is...
L: I’ll think about that later, ok?
E: Lukas. Not a thing, but you get my point ☺

Best breakfast in the world is...
L: Banana porridge.
E: A slow, no-rush breakfast.

I love to play...
L: Hulk!
E: Hide and seek.

I love autumn because...
L: I don’t like winter.
E: I get to spend more time at home.

My best friend is...
L: Mommy
E: Lukas!

Sending lots of love,