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If there’s anyone who knows how to make a great knit, it’s the Danish. Fub, a true Danish brand, uses only the softest and purest yarn made of 100% organic cotton. Fub does not care about what’s trendy - they design knitwear of high quality for people who appreciate simple and timeless design. With clothes from Fub you also don’t have to worry about itchy or scratchy knitwear - that’s something they figured out long ago.
FUB Sweater (ecru/red) Sale

FUB Sweater (ecru/red)

On sale from €48.00
FUB Skirt	(navy) Sale

FUB Skirt (navy)

On sale from €37.50
FUB Nordic Sweater (ecru/red/navy) Sale

FUB Nordic Sweater (ecru/red/navy)

On sale from €48.00
FUB Neckwarmer (ecru/navy) Sale

FUB Neckwarmer (ecru/navy)

On sale from €24.50
FUB Mittens (light grey/rose) Sale

FUB Mittens (light grey/rose)

On sale from €17.50
FUB Mittens (ecru/red) Sale

FUB Mittens (ecru/red)

On sale from €15.00
FUB Hat (light grey/rose) Sale

FUB Hat (light grey/rose)

On sale from €16.50
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